About Us

MYBIPLANE.COM is a collection of photographs and data of my Fisher Flying Products Celebrity Biplane project with a few other projects added for fun. They are in general groups as listed but are in no particular order.  I started building the biplane in June of 2004 and finished about July 2006. I estimate that I have about 2000 and 2500 hours of construction time in the process, but I'm sure it can built in far less time.  I wish to thank my wife for always supporting me in my crazy endeavors, my children for always tagging along for the “ride” and for helping me with all that I ask them to do.   I also wish to thank Herb & Rich for much help in the rigging process and for the company in my garage. I picked the brains of many on this project and I wish to thank a few of them, Andy @ Fitchburg, Brian & Oscar @ Mass Aviation, Conrad @ the Radio Shop, Larry Lee web guru, (who developed this site), Mark @ FAA, John Cragin & Charlie Werner. Thanks go out to Bill M. for all the support, teaching, and confidence over the past few years. I wish to endorse F.F.P. , Chuck in builder support, and the kits of F.F.P. as they are all first class and always helpful. All of the wood and materials from F.F.P were of the highest quality.

Welcome to my web site. I created this site to help other builders visualize what they are about to build. I am in no way perfect! Cosmetic flaws were made! Many items were rebuilt, in fact the cowl was sanded down and repainted 3 times!! A super benefit of using wood is that a flaw can be cut out and rebuilt very easily.  I love to talk anything aviation so please shoot me an email with any questions or just to talk. I am also open to showing anyone who is interested my biplane the Celebrity. I hope this site helps you in your project. When I built my first plane, a Kitfox, there was no internet. Boy, would that have helped back then. The Kitfox I built in 1991 was a “snap together” easy kit compared to what I just built as this kit was a box of wood and lots of plans.  I found the internet indispensable with this project as I was able to do so much research, view pictures and interact with other builders.

Have fun building!!

David Murphy